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Meet Our Board & Foundation Trustees

Meet the trustees and the board of the Lions Multiple District 5M Hearing Foundation based in Minneapolis, MN. We are devoted to hearing health and services.

Executive Committee

  • Past Council Chair David Dominick, Board Chair
  • Past District Governor Gloria Anderson, Vice Chair
  • Lion Beth Brostrom, Secretary
  • Past District Governors Mike Vos & Lion Sue Vos, Treasurers
  • Lion Marlene Martinek, Executive Secretary


  • Lion Tom Triplett, Legal Adviser
  • District Governor Dan Jones, Liaison

Our Trustees

District 5M1

Lion Gary Hicks, Sixth-Year Trustee
Lion William Kase, Second-Year Trustee

District 5M2

Past District Governor Marvin Grimm, First-Year Trustee

Lion Jeff Williams, Fourth-Year Trustee

District 5M3

Past District Governor Allen W. Struck, First-Year Trustee

Lion Cindy Labrie, Third-Year Trustee

District 5M4

Past Council Chair Kathy Jensen, First-Year Trustee
Lion Rich Betlach, Second-Year Trustee

District 5M5

Lion Julie Nielsen, Third-Year Trustee
Past Council Chair Bob Jechorek, Second-Year Trustee

District 5M6

Past Council Chair Dave Dominick, Third-Year Trustee

Lion Beth Bostrom, Second-Year Trustee

District 5M7

Past District Governor Norm Kelzenberg, Fourth-Year Trustee
Lion Hal Hinchliffe, Second-Year Director

District 5M8

Lion Lori Steinemann, Fourth Year Trustee
Past District Governor Allen Bailey, Third-Year Trustee

District 5M9

Lion Mike LaFlex, First-Year Trustee
Past District Governor Gloria Anderson, Third-Year Trustee

District 5M10

Lion Barb Tanski, Fourth-Year Trustee
Past District Governor Tom Antikainen, First-Year Trustee

District 5M11

Lion Jerry Amiot, First-Year Trustee

District 5M13