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Meet Our Board & Foundation Trustees

Meet the trustees and the board of the Minnesota Lions Hearing Foundation based in Minneapolis, MN. We are devoted to hearing health and services.

Executive Committee

  • Past Council Chair David Dominick, Board Chair
  • Past Council Chair Bob Jechorek, Vice Chair
  • Lion Beth Brostrom, Secretary
  • Past District Governors Mike Vos & Lion Sue Vos, Treasurers


  • Lion Tom Triplett, Legal Adviser
  • District Governor Matt Huggenvik, Liaison

Our Trustees

District 5M1

Lion Bob Melin
Lion William Kase

District 5M2

Past District Governor Marvin Grimm 

Lion Vern Breamer 

District 5M3

Past District Governor Allen W. Struck

Lion Cindy Labrie

District 5M4

Past Council Chair Kathy Jensen
Lion Barry Erdahl

District 5M5

Lion Julie Nielsen
Past Council Chair Bob Jechorek

District 5M6

Past Council Chair Dave Dominick

Lion Beth Bostrom

District 5M7

Lion Hal Hinchliffe

District 5M8

Lion Bob Harms
Past District Governor Mike Appel

District 5M9

Lion Laurie Kommer
Lion Michele Plagman

District 5M10

Lion Barb Tanski
Lion Sue Balstad

District 5M11

Lion Jerry Amiot

Lion Gladwin Lynne